Potential impact of a problem/challenge on the whole of your life

Impact on your life - a woman looking out to seaThe objective is to achieve at least 8/10 success for each part of your life.

We may feel we can put different aspects of our lives into separate boxes and keep them completely separate; we can manage each part without reference or consideration for the other parts of our life. However, at some point what happens in one area of our lives will have an impact on our whole life and can have serious negative as well as positive consequences.

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For example, a person may try to hide money worries or even the loss of their job from a partner, keeping up a pretence that all is well; a person may be unhappy in their close relationship but says nothing to their partner; an individual may start an affair and be convinced that their partner will never know about it; there may be pressures and concerns about the extended family.

If you are curious to review all the aspects of your life; if you would like to make an assessment as to how well each aspect of your whole life is functioning, why not book a personal life coaching session. “Your choice, your responsibility, your life to be lived”