‘From the poem ‘Alone’
by Maya Angelou

“Alone, all alone
Nobody but nobody
Can make it out here alone”.

Maya Angelou


There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. Being alone can give us precious personal space to reflect on our life, its priorities, challenges hopes and wishes;

Being lonely can feel very cold, frightening, unsupported, vulnerable, empty and colourless. Friendships play an important part in avoiding loneliness and leading a full and contented life.

Friendships - 2 friends having funSometimes, and for some people it can be very difficult to find lasting friendships. The pace of life, regular changes in job locations and the pressures at work or in the personal life can all contribute to a feeling of loneliness in a busy world. Sometimes breaking up a close relationship or divorce can result in losing touch with friends.

Further Reading

Social networking provides some feeling of being in touch with friends, and family members can be helpful too, but if you still feel you would like help to increase the number of friends in your life try a session of Life Coaching and see what can happen.