Family - a couple with a young childFamilies come in many shapes and sizes and can be a wonderful source of help, support and happiness and also a well of arguments, mistrust, perceived unfairness, hurt and pain.

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Many things have an impact on the family and there is a need to balance personal needs of each family member and the collective needs of the family within a cultural group and how collectively to function within the whole of society in a country.

There is both individual and collective responsibility for the smooth running of a family unit whatever the stresses and strains, wishes hopes and fears of the individual members of a family. Because a mutually supportive family unit can powerfully support both the individuals within it and the family as a whole it is worth looking at ways to maintain or improve the relationships within it.

A big part of family life is sharing; sharing the good times and the bad and supporting all the family members when they most need the support.

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If you don’t feel your family is achieving its full potential why not book an hour Life Coaching session to explore strategies that might increase the satisfaction in your family life.