Family Coaching Services and Prices

The objective of Family Coaching

To enable family life to be stimulating and rewarding for the whole family and to encourage the development of each individual within that family unit and mutual feelings of trust, understanding and co-operation between family members.

The mix of personalities and the varying needs of family members can make establishing a happy and co-operative family life challenging. In coaching sessions I encourage the family to establish a flexible structure for family life which takes into account the evolving needs of family members. Each family has its own unique circumstances; there may be a combination of step parents and step children, a three generation family or two families living at the same location and sometimes a non resident parent wanting to retain meaningful contact with their children. Each family will have its own objectives, perspectives and options to consider.

You can buy sessions below using PayPal. Before purchasing please contact Jane Shire to arrange an appointment.

Family coaching services and prices
Type of coaching Session duration Price
Face to Face Family Coaching
Regular sessions of one hour
(longer sessions by arrangement)

Telephone Coaching Family Group* 30 minutes

Telephone Coaching Family Group* 45 minutes

Group* Email Coaching per month (up to 10 email exchanges)


*Group = two or more individuals. Upper limit open to discussion