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Moving Away from Friends

Fiona’s parents decided to move their home and work from the South East to the West Country just as Fiona was approaching her GCSEs. Fiona is very bright and was doing well academically at her school; she is also good at sport and had a lot of friends. Fiona’s school in the South East gave her a glowing report for the new school in the West Country. Unfortunately, Fiona found it very difficult to settle in the new home and school, her studies suffered; she had trouble making new friends and she missed her old friends.

Fiona came to life coaching sessions not sure what she wanted and couldn’t see a way forward. She felt unable to talk to her parents, who felt it was their fault Fiona was so lost and unsettled. During coaching sessions Fiona was able to talk freely about how she was feeling and to work out a system of activates which, with her parents’ agreement, could help her adapt to the new life. For example arrangements were made for Fiona to visit her old friends once a month and she joined a local athletics club.